No matter what size your office is, there never seems to be enough storage room. To address the need, Talimar Systems offers complete and secure storage capabilities, so your furniture is always readily available. In addition, our customer service representatives can provide you with up-to-the minute information on your assets.

So whether you need to sell assets, have them delivered on time or keep them stored for the moment, our furniture warehousing service gives you the control to manage them with complete simplicity.

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Talimar Systems values its customers' comfort and peace of mind and is pleased to provide storage for limited space offices. Small offices with limited storage space can take advantage of Talimar Systems storage capability and store away their extra office furniture. Once you contact our customer service representative, Talimar Systems can arrange for your furniture storage. Your furniture will be delivered to your office upon your request.

Talimar Systems' warehousing services solve any storing issue and eliminates the need to sell excess office furniture. You can now keep your asset and have it delivered when there is a need for more furniture. One phone call to our customer service representative will take care of it. You can rest assured that our warehousing services are safe and completely secured. Your asset is protected and ready for delivery upon your request. Whether you have an extra desk, office chairs, filing cabinets, dividing panels, or a whole system, we can pick up, store, and deliver it as needed.