Why do we call them “Better than New?”


Remanufactured cubicles give you the ability to choose from thousands of fabrics, laminate and trim options. Allowing you to upgrade the look of your systems without effecting the cost.

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You certainly want to know more about quality, functionality, and appearance.  And I’m guessing that you’ll also want to know what the difference is between “new” and our “better than new” refurbished cubicles and workstations?

It’s pretty simple, really.

What often happens is that a company re-locates and doesn’t want to move their cubicles, so we purchase them. When the furniture and cubicles are in beautiful condition, we’ll sell them as-is, and consider them “used cubicles.”

When the cubicles aren’t in quite such great shape, we’ll thoroughly remanufacture them so they are essentially the same as new.  We don’t want to mislead people of course, so we don’t call them new.  But we call them “better than new” because we sell them at a substantial discount, they can be available for you more quickly, and we provide a lifetime warranty!

We’ll strip the cubicles to the core, replace necessary components, re-paint and re-upholster until it looks like brand-new, and then also give it a “better than new” guarantee.

Refurbished cubicles and workstations, depending on time requirements, can even be made up to your specific color and fabric specifications.

Oh, and even though they’re a lot less expensive than new cubicles, they still come with our unmatched free space planning and design services.

With a “Better Than New” Guarantee

You’re the guy (CEO, VP, Facilities Manager . . . whatever) in charge of furnishing the new place.

Can you say “Conflicting Priorities?” (Like a lot of what you do?)

The place has to look nice.  Better than nice—terrific would be good.  The layout and workflow has to be efficient. The cubicles and other furnishings have to last a long time.  Oh, yeah—the CFO wants costs kept down.  Way down.

But you’re used to all that.  No different than most of the rest of the stuff you have to handle.  All you need is brilliant results, at a brilliant (i.e. low) cost.  That’s what you do, right?

In this case, a well-kept secret is that there really is a beautiful mid-path between pricey new cubicle systems and crummy, beat-up used cubicles.  That secret is “Refurbished Cubicles.” Prettier than “Used” and just as nice-looking as “New”—and with a better guarantee.

With Lifetime Warranty

We’re so confident in our refurbished cubicles and systems that we give you a lifetime warranty.  Compare that to most of the warranties in the industry, which are only about ten years.  Even Herman Miller and Steelcase only warrant their cubicles for 12 years, and Steelcase excludes a number of components, warranting them only for shorter periods.

You can rest easy knowing there won’t be any unanticipated repair expenses on account of your Talimar Refurbished Cubicles.

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