Recycled & Green Office Furniture Solutions

By using remanufactured, reused and recycled content, Talimar Systems helps our customers obtain up to eight points towards LEED-CI certification. On top of being environmentally sustainable, our product also saves our customers 30-40% over buying brand new systems furniture - without sacrificing looks or quality.

We use 100% recycled Duvaltex fabric. It is made from 100% recycled polyester (largely post-consumer plastic soda pop bottles) or renewable materials (such as PLA which is derived from corn). So, unlike fabrics that use virgin polyester, Duvaltex works to conserve petroleum resources - and everyone knows that's a good thing these days.

Talimar Systems uses Wilsonart Laminate products that have been awarded the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification from the Greenguard Environmental Institute. This certificate ensures that the laminate we use is a low-emission surfacing product.

Talimar Systems' Green Office Products:

  • Using remanufactured office products
  • Using reused and recycled content
  • Environmentally sustainable products
  • Using 100% recycled Terratex fabric
  • Using Wilsonart Laminate products - award winner of the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification

Recycled & Green Office Furniture Solutions


Duvaltex commercial fabrics were introduced in 1995 and are recognized as the textile industry's most innovative and sustainable fabric. Duvaltex - from its raw materials to the finished products - is designed to tread lighter on the earth - making it an excellent choice for everyone trying to do likewise. Talimar Systems recognizes the responsibility it has toward the environment and takes every step to reduce CO2 emissions. Our manufacturers are carefully selected and are among those following the guidelines to reduce the carbon footprints associated with system furniture.

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