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When looking for cubicles you have three options:


New Cubicles


Remanufactured Cubicles


Used Cubicles


Purchasing used cubicles for your office furniture needs, offers a tremendous cost savings. 

Used Cubicles

In todays office environment, corporate America is constantly changing and evolving. Many large corporations move, reconfigure, downsize, and relocate facilities on a daily basis.

When these changes occur, often times cubicles become expendable. Let’s look at a project we recently worked on for Amazon in Irvine.

The existing cubicles no longer fit Amazons future needs. Rather than reconfiguring the existing cubicles the decision was made to purchase new cubicles and discard the existing product.

The deinstallation and removal of these types of cubicles is a service that Talimar Systems provides to many large corporations.
Companies like Amazon, Pay Pal, Google, Apple, Wells Fargo, And Palo Alto Networks to name a few.

The project in Irvine involved 8 floors of furniture and hundreds of cubicles in an almost new condition.

Above are some photos are projects that we have worked on. The photos show the types of cubicles that are typically available. 

The companies that take advantage of these types of liquidations save thousands of dollars on their cubicles.

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