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Our Mission

Customer satisfaction, high-quality office furniture products, affordable pricing, and a certified team of professionals with 20 years of experience. To view the scope of our operations, we invite you to visit our facility and to witness the process that ensures the quality of our products and services.

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Our Process

Complete disassembly of office furniture and cubicles, parts inspection, cleaning, repair and / or replacement, refinishing, and reassembly.  The finished product ends up in "better than new" condition.

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Our History

Talimar Systems' history started with a simple idea to make office furniture affordable and also to protect the environment by refurbishing used furniture without compromising on the quality and style, before returning the products to the market for resale.

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Here are some snapshots of recent Talimar Systems projects.

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In the video library are some short videos that explain how we make the best quality office furniture and still keep the product affordable for you.

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Why Talimar?

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"Complete Customer Satisfaction" has been our philosophy for 30 years. Every order, no matter how big or small, is equally important to us. Our business has been built on the principle that providing excellent product and service sustains a long-lasting relationship..



1986 - Talimar Systems is founded, by purchasing used and excess modular office furniture, refurbishing it and selling it in "better than new" condition.

1988 - Talimar Systems begins to offer customized modular office furniture systems to revolutionize office employee productivity with a highly appealing aesthetic quality.

1996 - Talimar Systems establishes its website, venturing into new technologies.

2006 - Talimar Systems celebrates its 20th anniversary by increasing its manufacturing capabilities with major site construction, complete website redesign and adding a new product line to offer more balanced products and services to its clients.

2016 - Talimar Systems is 30 years old with over 10 million square feet of office cubicles installed in the US.