Refurbished Cubicles in Orange County at Less than Half? With a “Better Than New” Guarantee?


You’re the guy (CEO, VP, Facilities Manager . . . whatever) in charge of furnishing the new place.

Can you say “Conflicting Priorities?” (Like a lot of what you do?)

The place has to look nice.  Better than nice—terrific would be good.  The layout and workflow has to be efficient. The cubicles and other furnishings have to last a long time.  Oh, yeah—the CFO wants costs kept down.  Way down.

But you’re used to all that.  No different than most of the rest of the stuff you have to handle.  All you need is brilliant results, at a brilliant (i.e. low) cost.  That’s what you do, right?

In this case, a well-kept secret is that there really is a beautiful mid-path between pricey new cubicle systems and crummy, beat-up used cubicles.  That secret is “Refurbished Cubicles.” Prettier than “Used” and just as nice-looking as “New”—and with a better guarantee.

 Refurbished Cubicle Systems With Lifetime Warranty

You get refurbished cubicle systems from Talimar Systems, the leader in modular systems in Southern California.  Talimar has outfitted over 10,000,000 square feet of office space.  (Imagine an office layout,  3162 feet—about six-tenths of a mile– on a side.  That’s 10,000,000 square feet. That’s a lot of space.)

A lot of that space was furnished with our “Better Than New” refurbished cubicle systems.

With refurbished cubicles, you’re covered on the “long-lasting” part, because we start with Herman Miller cubicles and workstations that are in good enough shape to warrant stripping them down to the bone, then replacing or repairing any bad or questionable parts, then cleaning and refinishing and reupholstering them.

You’re covered on the “looks good” part, because we beautifully refinish and repaint them, and upholster them with Terratex fabric, made from recycled materials (mostly pop and water bottles).  Terratex looks good and contributes to a better environment.  If you like, and time permits, you can choose your own fabric from a wide selection.

You’re covered on the “low cost” part, because refurbished cubicles are typically less than half the cost of new ones.  We can do that because there’s no middleman, and we have all our own repairmen, and painters, and upholsterers, and installers, and service techs on staff.

You’re covered on the “efficient layout and workflow” part, because Talimar provides no-cost space planning and design.  You don’t have to figure it out—our expert designers will measure and evaluate the space and the functions you need performed in that space.  We’ll guide you in determining the most efficient layout of the appropriate cubicles and workstations and other furniture to maximize the space and the workflow.

You can get a sense of our expertise in space planning and design here:  (Just click on any of the little diagrams to expand them so you can see the detail.)  Whether your needs are small and simple, or large and complex (like the ones on the second row of schematics), our professionals will help you design an optimal workspace.

Better Than New

We’re so confident in our refurbished cubicles and systems that we give you a lifetime warranty.  Compare that to most of the warranties in the industry, which are only about ten years.  Even Herman Miller and Steelcase only warrant their cubicles for 12 years, and Steelcase excludes a number of components, warranting them only for shorter periods.

You can rest easy knowing there won’t be any unanticipated repair expenses on account of your Talimar Refurbished Cubicles.

New Cubicles, Workstations, and Furniture

Of course, some people just don’t like the idea of purchasing used furniture, even when it’s going to cost less, so we also have our own line of high-quality, low-cost cubicles.  And of course we are dealers for several manufacturers of fine cubicles and furniture.

Here’s a shot of one example from our own line:

(Click on the top left picture) Pretty stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Renting and Leasing

If renting or leasing might make more sense than buying (and we can help you figure that out with our “Lease or Buy” tools), we also do that—and you still get our free design and space planning services.

So, if you’re anywhere in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties, give us a call.  We’re at (800) 776-7650.

We’re easy to talk to, we can handle your needs, whether they’re small or large, and we want (and will appreciate) your business.

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