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New Cubicles

Talimar Systems' new office cubicles combine a desk, cabinets, and various components into one system, making open-plan modular unit cubicle office furniture increasing employee productivity and working conditions.

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Remanufactured Cubicles

Today's tough business climate has forced some companies to allocate lower budgets for office furnishings. Talimar Systems' high-quality remanufactured office cubicles are the best solution for this situation.

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Used Cubicles

Used cubicles are the perfect solution for businesses in a difficult economy. Talimar Systems understands, and would like to work with you to help you choose the best affordable plan for your situation.

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Free Standing Furniture

In addition to cubicle systems, Talimar has a huge selection of desks, computer workstations, shelving, seating - everything you need for every office space in Los Angeles & Orange Counties & surrounding areas.

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Adjustable Height & Benching

Adjustable-height tables, also known as sit-to-stands, create a more energetic workspace. Studies have shown that moving around/standing up during work hours can improve health and well-being and have a positive impact on your entire business.

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Conference Room

Conference rooms are an essential part of your office. It's where your team meets to exchange ideas and make strategies. With the selection of tables that Talimar Systems offers, you are able to create a more comfortable space in your office.

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We have the best brands in the industry. Seating is the most important thing in the office, and with Talimar Systems you get both ergonomics and great looks. Choosing the right office chair with the help of our experts can ensure a positive work flow and a happy staff.

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Used Aeron Chairs

Are you looking for one of the most comfortable, personal, reliable office chairs? Herman Miller's Aeron chair is best chair around.

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Files & Storage

For office storage, bookcases, and filing cabinets, Talimar Systems offers the widest range of storage solutions. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to increase your office storage capacity.

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