Used Cubicles: 80% + less money and much faster too!

Used cubicles can be the perfect solution for businesses in many different situations. First, of course you already know that they can be less expensive than new cubicles. But did you know they can be up to 60% - 80% less expensive? Second, they can be procured *much* more quickly than new cubicles.

If that's got you interested, call our special line at (714) 557-4884 for the owner of Talimar Systems, Dave Wesdell.  That way you can jump on the current inventory of used workstations before they get sold!

But we encourage you to read on, and then take a look at some of the beautiful samples below, which - if you agree with us - don't look like what you'd expect from "used."

Talimar Systems offers a wide array of used cubicles and used office furniture so that no matter how large or small your needs are, we can do the project -- and do it right the first time.

When choosing to furnish your office with used cubicles, there are several aspects to consider. Think about these items while you're looking at the samples below and reading the rest of the information under that:

  • The size of your office
  • The general recommendation - 5' x 5' or 6' x 6' workstations are a good option to start with
  • Consider allowing room for growth. Used cubicles should have the capability of reconfiguration as your needs increase.

At this point, you probably want to know more about quality, functionality, and appearance. And I'm guessing that you'll also want to know what the difference is between “used” and “remanufactured” cubicles and workstations?

Here's a little more about how our used cubicles - and the stellar deals we can make on them - come to be...

What often happens is that a high-end company — like a big-name legal firm, or like Amazon, whom we recently worked with in Irvine — relocates. Their furniture and cubicles are in beautiful condition, but the move has to happen over a weekend, and there simply isn’t time to move everything.

So new cubicles are ordered and installed, and the current furnishings become “used” cubicles and workstations. Great condition, great appearance, great functionality — and up to 60-80% less expensive than new.

Our used cubicles and workstations may not be perfect, but they’re close-- and even though they’re a lot less expensive than new cubicles, they still come with our unmatched space planning and design services.

When the furniture is in a little rougher condition, we strip it to the bone, replace necessary components, re-paint and re-upholster until it looks like brand-new, give it a “better than new” guarantee, and sell them as refurbished (aka remanufactured cubicles) - at about 30-40% less than new prices.

Remanufactured cubicles and workstations, depending on time requirements, can even be made up to your specific color and fabric specifications.

Here’s an example of a situation where used furniture worked perfectly: A client in San Diego needed 75 cubicles/workstations. They were thinking new, but we showed them some of the cubicles and workstations from the liquidation of excess equipment of one of the nation’s very largest banks. The client was amazed at the condition, and went the used route instead, saving about $50,000.

By using remanufactured, reused and recycled content, Talimar Systems helps our customers obtain up to eight points towards LEED-CI certification. Environmentally sustainable and less expensive, without sacrificing looks or quality. Worth thinking about!

One other thing:

Just like the custom-made couch for your home, it can often take two months or even longer to get delivery of new goods. Used cubicles and workstations can be delivered and installed in a matter of days. (Of course, the free space-planning can take a week or two, but bottom-line — used or remanufactured cubicles can be yours much more quickly than new.)

The thing to do is to give us a call and see what we’ve got. You might be very pleasantly surprised. Give us a call on a special line at (714) 557-4884 and ask directly for Dave Wesdell, Owner of Talimar Systems.

(Actually, we can serve you nationally. We recently did a large job in Florida, and even with freight and travel expenses, we still saved our client money compared to his options in Florida.)