Remanufactured Cubicles

Remanufactured Cubicles

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Today's difficult economic climate has forced some companies to allocate lower budgets for office furnishings. Talimar Systems' high-quality and tastefully-refurbished office cubicles are the best solution for this situation.

By refurbishing used and excess modular office furniture and cubicles to "better than new," our systems furniture looks great and performs as well as new office furniture. We also help save our customers substantial amounts of money over the cost of buying new office furniture systems and cubicles.

We guarantee satisfaction with our stylish, refurbished office cubicles.

Why choose Talimar Systems' refurbished office cubicles?

  • Stylish and attractive designs
  • Choice of fabric to customize your cubicles
  • A variety of office cubicle configurations to choose from
  • Delivery and installation of cubicles available for your convenience
  • Discounts available on any configuration using only 24" and 48" segments.